Hey There Stranger!

Welcome to the Sassy Rebel blog where I hope to inspire women around the world to be the best version of themselves!  It’s also a place where I’ll just, well, ramble about stuff sometimes.  

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I’ve been a professional artist for many years and have been blogging for about fifteen, but wanted to start this new blog, apart from my art blogging, where I can discuss things that just don’t fit in my art blog.

As an aspiring author, there are so many things I want to express at times, and my art blog just isn’t the place for it.

Some of the things I want to discuss are self-improvement, self-love and care, ramblings about life and middle age, and any other musings I might have. Of course this is a very new blog, so things might change and be tweaked as time goes on, and improvements made.

So, you might be wondering why I’m calling this blog The Sassy Rebel?

Those words pretty much sum me up, well, sort of. I’m a little more complex than that, -aren’t we all?- but it’s also a catchy title and I like that.

As a kid I was always somewhat of a wild child, playing for hours in the forest either with my friends, or alone, fearless. Trouble was my middle name. Do you know I broke into a house when I was three? Oh yes, my little boyfriends and I busted a window screen, climbed into a home, and ate all the goodies the poor woman had baked for company. That story still comes up from time to time.

My mother also sold Avon for a bit when I was about 5, and I took her huge blue sample case one day and knocked on all the neighbourhood doors, selling God knows what.

I did things like that. I was a curious, passionate kid. I was a little reckless and loved to try new things. Just a little rebel, you know?

By the way, this was a very small town in the late 60’s, early 70’s, and all kids went out unsupervised. It was that kind of safe era. Nothing happened in my quiet little town where everyone knew each other.

My parents owned a pool hall, so I grew up in that pool hall and arcade, surrounded my older men playing snooker, hearing all their colorful stories and language. This gave me a glimpse into people a lot of kids didn’t have. It was also a ton of fun when I was a teen! My friends loved that place and it made me kinda popular.

As a teen, my rebellious nature took over. It wasn’t pleasant for my parent, you know? Umm, yep. I won’t go there, but I was very sassy and rebellious. God bless my poor parents, and may my mother rest in peace. Oh, the things I did . . .

Once an adult, I had several jobs, from being a licensed esthetician, to retail, and working for the federal government for about 13-14 years, teaching employment skills and life skills to groups, including women at risk as well as youth at risk, and teaching adult literacy for over 8 years, and of course, being self-employed as an artist. I quit a very good government job, one I’d wanted for a while and finally landed, to go back to being a full-time artist. It was, and act of rebellion. The cubical like was already getting to this free spirit.

Being an artist is an act of rebellion on its own, I think. Bucking convention, not listening to nay-sayers who warn that you can never survive on artists’ earnings, and being in a career that welcomes bucking convention.

Although painting has brought me immense satisfaction, there’s always been a huge part of me that dreamed of being a writer. I wrote a novel many years ago, and then burned it when I decided it sucked. It really did, but writing it gave me insight into the craft and the confidence to know that I can do this. I’ve dabbled with novel writing since, and have a ton of book ideas that I keep in journals. I love to write and routinely do so in some manner.

Now, another thing that I want to share about myself is that I’d become very sick several years back. There were ailments that I’d complained about since I was a kid but nothing was ever taken seriously. Things progressively got worse as I got older, until in my forties, illness made life very difficult and slammed the breaks on a lot of things. I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and lupus.

At about the same time this was going on, my mother got sick and we discovered she had stage 4 lung cancer. She passed a few months later, leaving me reeling asking, wtf just happened?

To add salt to a wound, my employer at the time where I worked as an employment consultant, laid me off. These things all happened at the same time and affected me for several years. It spiralled me into darkness and doubt, feeling worthless, depressed, and angry as hell!

This really threw me for a loop and changed how I would view life, but more on that in future posts. In short, this all led to me bouncing back stronger than ever, with a fierce determination to live my best life, live it with sass, and unleash the rebel that I’d been as a child. I knew I had to bring that feisty girl back.

I’ve learned many things along the way, and the most important is that life is too short. It’s too sort to live angry, or sad, or not chasing your dreams. I want to do it all. I want to pursue anything and everything I want to accomplish. I also want to help others, not only with art (I give art tutorials online), but with their own goals.

It’s always been a passion of mine to help empower people, and especially girls and women. Wouldn’t it be great if women around the world lifted each other up? It might be a pipe dream, but doing a bit at a time, planting seeds, is a great thing since repercussions from good deeds can last for generations. Think about that. It’s like the butterfly effect.

So, this blog is very new, and might morph into something else over time, but I’ve been wanting to do this and am delighted to finally be jumping in. Hopefully you’ll follow along!













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