Why Marketing Companies get it Wrong with the Midlife Crowd

Recently, I’ve noticed a surge in advertising for assisted living/retirement homes.  These are great places for people who need them.  My issue is they’re being advertised to people from age 50. They often start off with, “Are you over fifty?”

Say what?

Turning fifty is a huge milestone.  I remember my ex-father in law used to say he only hoped to make it to fifty, and then everything else after that was gravy.  I strongly disagree. Those were different times. This was back in the 80’s, when people had a shorter lifespan.  Today’s midlifers  are not what they used to be.

Nowadays, people rebel against aging.  We have so many advances in science, medicine, and general health knowledge that we are living longer and healthier lives.  So many people in their fifties today are even more active than younger generations, and healthier.

We are aware.  We research. We are big time into health and nutrition.  We are kicking ass.

IMG_1572Assisted pull ups, yes.  Assisted living. um, no.  And when I say pull ups, I don’t mean Depends.

I Ain’t your Momma’s Grandma.

When I see these advertisements being advertised to someone my age while depicting someone obviously in their 80’s, I have to scratch my head.  Who are they trying to convince?  Most people my age are still working, and far from considering retirement.  Besides, who the heck can afford to retire at 50 nowadays anyway? Right?

Do marketing companies not study demographics?  What makes them think I want to settle in, living in assisted facilities, confined to a life of shuffle board? Who is making up these ads? Are they millennials who think a fifty year old is hunched over and waking with a cane?  Come on now!

These Marketing Companies are Completely Clueless as to Who Midlifers are Today.

These ads are offensive to me, so they must be offensive to others my age.  They certainly are not scoring any points, and I will quickly bypass the companies advertising these services to me when the time comes, like in thirty years from now, maybe. I have longevity genes. People live a long time on my dad’s side, and he is super active in his eighties and walks faster than any thirty year old I know.  I doubt even he would need such a facility anytime soon.

If marketing companies want to succeed with the midlife crowd, they’re going to have to understand who we are. We’re far from being withered flowers.  A lot of us are Gen X’ers.  We have always had a rebellious streak and we take no chiz laying down.

Today’s fifty plus person is active and eats well.  We have excellent medical care and resources to enable us to be the best we can be.  Those who do retire often find second careers, or start side hustles.  We travel, we try new things, we’re freaking rocking the boat and refusing to roll over.

Do better than that advertisers.  You’re hurting my feelings here.  You’re also missing out on business by not focussing on the right demographic. Don’t piss off potential future clients too.  Go back to the drawing board and get real about who a fifty year old, or a sixty year old is.

Stop insulting me.

Retirement home.  Pfft.














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