Blogging Identity Crisis

I've decided to change the topic of this blog . . .

How to Find Your Passion After 50

So, how do you find your passion after 50 when you've spent your life not really knowing? The easiest thing is to pay attention to that little voice in your head, or your heart. This is the voice that says, "Yes!", when you come across certain things. Focus on that thing that gets you excited, or that thing that you automatically are attracted to whenever you encounter it.  It's about the feeling you get whenever someone  mentions it, or you see a video about it, or an article.  What gets you excited?

Things I Learned After I turned 50

Throughout my whole life, I had always said that I never wanted to grow old. Thinking I could ever turn fifty seemed unfathomable.  Then it happened, and if I had thought turning forty was hard, turning fifty really threw me for a loop.

Things I Learned from my Dog

When you own a dog, if you're at all observant, you'll soon notice how they at times seem like little angels of wisdom, sent to us to teach us lessons. I swear at times, when I look into my dog Taja's peepers, there's an ancient, very wise being living in there, like a mini Yoda.... Continue Reading →

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